A Conversation About Richard Kelly

Jeff: Would very much enjoy remaining stuck last night in a time warp. Does anyone have any quantum physics tips that can help me with that?
Sam: Hmm… I think Richard Kelly might have some tips. Maybe watch all his movies and absorb some of his awesomeness.
Jeff: Starting with southland tales.
Marshall: Finish with Southland Tales. Save the best for last. But remember, Richard Kelly is a closet Christian. He hides his holy themes behind quantum teleportation and time travel because he cannot reconcile his God fearing nature and confusing message for the rest of us. Chances are you will not find the answers you are looking for from him.
Thom: Richard Kelly has not found any answers. Jesus has taken up a stronghold in his heart, but science and science-fiction have besieged it for some time. He is attempting to reconcile them through quantum chicanery, and for the time being it seems that Jesus is alive in the form of subatomic particles from Mars.
Jeff: So…I should look to Jesus to create a time warp?
Thom: Quite the inverse. According to Richard Kelly, you turn to time warps to find Jesus.
Marshall: And arrival of Jesus will be marked by a falling jet engine, his body will be that of a tormented suburban teenager or a policeman/war veteran filled with sadness who has a quantum twin brother, or a deformed man struck by lightening and presenting a box of temptation. And buckle up because THAT is just the beginning!
Jeff: I feel (fear?) Kelly has a long promising career of writing/directing ahead.
Thom: It’s okay to be afraid.
Be VERY afraid.

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