Bad Moon Rising (over Seattle!)

On Saturday, March 19, 2011, the moon was closer to Earth during a full moon than it had been in 18 years. Gravity was exerted.  Pushing and pulling occurred in stronger force upon tides and storms. The moon over the horizon would also be its biggest in decades. This resulted in what might be called an absolute fucking bedazzlement to the eye balls at moonrise after dusk on this past Saturday night.

Our plan was to be up in a nice cozy lookout somewhere with a tripod set up and ready to go. We didn’t quite pull that off.

We were on the ferry boat from Bainbridge Island, Washington to Seattle. The 30-minute trip boasts a spectacular view of the city. Almost all of which could nearly fit inside the enormous moon that waited just behind the Cascades mountains to the East.

Wondering when the moon would show up and if we would see it at all with all these infernal clouds, I spotted what looked like an extra-bright patch of city light pollution on the clouds. It was a distinct golden glow, quite a bit brighter than most of the area around it. And… growing brighter…

Soon we realized that what we thought were a ribbon of dark clouds were actually mountains, just barely obscuring this glowing behemoth that lurked just behind:

Peeking monster.

That would be the giant moon that has just risen behind the Cascades with the Seattle skyline and Pacific ocean below. This was taken without a tripod on the bow of a very shaky ferryboat. It’s the clearest I could get!

Smoke on the water, fire in the sky

meteor’s a-comin’

That thur’s a turrible strong moon. Big omens ‘neath that ‘un.

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