Editing Demo Reel

It took me a while to arrive at this demo reel. My first edit was a series of entire scenes from a variety of video projects. Then I decided to research online what makes a good editing reel – and I started again from scratch.

But something wasn’t sitting well with me. I read all this advice – Pick a song, show off your best projects, keep it short – and I knew that this reel didn’t feel like a good editing reel. I believe you have to do more than just cut a montage of impressive-looking projects – You have to demonstrate, in the edit of the reel itself, your editing prowess. I didn’t like the advice I was reading, and I didn’t like the reels I was cutting that matched this advice. So I started from scratch again, and I threw out the rulebook, and I followed my own advice.

More than just a montage, I think you should include snippets of entire scenes; change the mood of the reel to match the content; tell a story; and show off. Make your music edits count, make your montages meaningful, keep your content organized, and cut new, shortened versions of whole scenes to tell a story in a tiny block of time. It’s all about rhythm and action and variety – and, perhaps, a bit of ostentatious sensibility. Most of all, I think it should be fun to watch on its own.

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A career filmmaker based in Vancouver with experience in direction, cinematography and editing.
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