In the kitchen, simmering: Effigy, BC

I’ve (finally) officially started the edit on my Vancouver Riots documentary. I’ve been sitting on the footage for nearly a year, and now, going into the new playoffs, I’m finally feeling like I know what to say. This documentary isn’t an informational research-and-interview deal. I am not asking professors of sociology why people act like they do. I just go out with my camera and notice things, and some of those things I notice while the camera is running. I hope the camera notices them too.

The edit’s going to be a little bit on the gruelling side, but I’m already excited about what I have, and I’ll be releasing a short trailer in the next week. I’ve been working on it the last couple of days, and while I’m struggling to find the right pace and music, and it’s entirely too long to boot, I’m quite stirred and excited.

A couple shots made it into Memory Machine, but I’m sitting on the best stuff for now. I promise to stay postin’!
Effigy, BC

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