Memories of Flying

New video: Memories of Flying from Thom Stitt on Vimeo.

A couple of years back my friend Mike put the word out. He was in pilot school and was going to take a flight to Calgary and back to Vancouver, through the Rockies, and wanted a passenger to sit co-pilot. I was able to immediately take the day off and take the ride. I don’t regret it – I brought a couple of cameras and decided to document it for sharing purposes. This is that video.

I am self-employed, taking video contract jobs for my bread and butter. This is not always feasible. Very rarely is it feast; Mostly it is famine.

What’s been on my mind a lot is the question of where you put your gainfully-employed time. In one camp there are those who say that you should follow the craft of your passion at every juncture, that you should work in your field and better your skillset in the process. But the danger here is burnout; Working hard on other people’s shows may drain you creatively to the extent that you don’t want to see anything resembling editing software in your spare time, which is the time that you may ultimately need to devote to doing your own passion projects. The alternative is to work as a grunt cog outside of the vid/film industry and do filmmaking on the side, with a fresh creative mind. But a danger of fatigue is present here too. The dream is to be paid to do your own stuff, but this is a pipe dream for most until it happens, and until it happens we must make do.

I don’t know the answer and I’m in the midst of figuring it out. This video offers little in the way of an answer to the conundrum of employment but rather raises the question and seeks connection.

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A career filmmaker based in Vancouver with experience in direction, cinematography and editing.
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