New movie: Memory Machine

I’ve been assembling some (and by “some” I mean a mean fraction) of my summertime cinematographs into something resembling a whole. This is a lot like my winter movie Warm Places – less a story and more an album of moving images with a theme.

Hopefully this tugs on a particular string or two. If not, it’s got plenty of pretty pictures to tide anyone over with a few minutes to spare.

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These prints will fly directly into your hands

I’ve just gotten myself set up at the Saatchi Gallery Online. If anyone’s interested in purchasing a print, you can sign up for free and place an order. Right now I only have a few photos up, but there will be many more coming.

Thom Stitt at the Saatchi Gallery Online

Who doesn’t love to spend money? Don’t you feel slightly depressed about something in your life? Consumption therapy is proven to work. Buy something pretty, and not only do you get a high-quality framed photo, but you also get eternal love from me (included free).

Moonlight in Yaletown

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Skeleton Slime – The Nature of Charlie Immer’s Jellatinous World

Fine print: I am not affiliated in any way with Charlie Immer, the artist. I nearly stare into his amazing artwork and decipher my own stories. Imagine the following in the voice of David Attenborough or Stephen Fry, if you please.

I’d like to introduce you to my friend Charlie. Charlie’s a pink jellynoid from another realm, a world made almost entirely of various jelly substances. Charlie spends most of his time exploring his world and taking photographs of the various goings-on. It’s all pretty standard stuff for the jellynoids, but once he discovered that these scenes are an absolute novelty in our subdued 3-dimensional universe, he began to bring his photos across into what we call the “real world” for the enjoyment and education of all. It’s a very colorful cartoon world similar to ours but different in certain key respects. Let’s see if we can sort out some of the nature of this fascinating world.

"Swimmer" by Charlie Immer

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The Light at Jericho

Some photos from the weekend, mostly centered around Jericho Beach. Great time with Sam Kim and Amanda Catching, both of whom helped a great deal here. The photo through the wooden railing was only possible with Sam’s flash chicanery, and the prism refraction technique is Amanda’s brainchild. We all steal heartily from each other.

This summer is unbearably mild in Vancouver. It’s a summer through a sheer curtain. We know there’s something amazing on the other side, but we can’t quite get it clearly. I don’t know if we’ll really have a summer this year.

Upside: This makes the glimpsing all the more spectacular on the eyeballs.

The Light at Jericho

Jericho WindowRainbow fragments

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The Library Chronicles – Back in Action

Some years ago, Marshall Langohr and I began work on a simple little short film which, unbeknownst to us at that blissfully innocent time, would blossom into a terrible and unwieldy beast.

Easter Weekend held for the tiny crew much suffering and agony, rich with injury and the threat of doom looming (as it is wont to do).

The good news is that it is looking wond’rous, beautiful even in its blinding blightness. We have miles to go before we sleep – at least three more intensive shoot days await before the movie is in the can after all these years. At which point Postproduction Hell can officiously begin.

Until then, I am in the kitchen, cooking up some sweet goodies which will hopefully be ready soon. Amongst these goodies is a new Library Chronicles website which will be a proper hub for all things Chronicles. Also on the dessert tray will be a short video teaser showcasing a snippet of what’s to come.

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A Conversation About Richard Kelly

Jeff: Would very much enjoy remaining stuck last night in a time warp. Does anyone have any quantum physics tips that can help me with that?
Sam: Hmm… I think Richard Kelly might have some tips. Maybe watch all his movies and absorb some of his awesomeness.
Jeff: Starting with southland tales.
Marshall: Finish with Southland Tales. Save the best for last. But remember, Richard Kelly is a closet Christian. He hides his holy themes behind quantum teleportation and time travel because he cannot reconcile his God fearing nature and confusing message for the rest of us. Chances are you will not find the answers you are looking for from him.
Thom: Richard Kelly has not found any answers. Jesus has taken up a stronghold in his heart, but science and science-fiction have besieged it for some time. He is attempting to reconcile them through quantum chicanery, and for the time being it seems that Jesus is alive in the form of subatomic particles from Mars.
Jeff: So…I should look to Jesus to create a time warp?
Thom: Quite the inverse. According to Richard Kelly, you turn to time warps to find Jesus.
Marshall: And arrival of Jesus will be marked by a falling jet engine, his body will be that of a tormented suburban teenager or a policeman/war veteran filled with sadness who has a quantum twin brother, or a deformed man struck by lightening and presenting a box of temptation. And buckle up because THAT is just the beginning!
Jeff: I feel (fear?) Kelly has a long promising career of writing/directing ahead.
Thom: It’s okay to be afraid.
Be VERY afraid.
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Lincoln James in: Ford GT, Ten Bucks

I saw an ad for a limited edition Ford GT for ten bucks on Craigslist. The rest was chronicled for History’s sake.

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Bad Moon Rising (over Seattle!)

On Saturday, March 19, 2011, the moon was closer to Earth during a full moon than it had been in 18 years. Gravity was exerted.  Pushing and pulling occurred in stronger force upon tides and storms. The moon over the horizon would also be its biggest in decades. This resulted in what might be called an absolute fucking bedazzlement to the eye balls at moonrise after dusk on this past Saturday night.

Our plan was to be up in a nice cozy lookout somewhere with a tripod set up and ready to go. We didn’t quite pull that off.

We were on the ferry boat from Bainbridge Island, Washington to Seattle. The 30-minute trip boasts a spectacular view of the city. Almost all of which could nearly fit inside the enormous moon that waited just behind the Cascades mountains to the East.

Wondering when the moon would show up and if we would see it at all with all these infernal clouds, I spotted what looked like an extra-bright patch of city light pollution on the clouds. It was a distinct golden glow, quite a bit brighter than most of the area around it. And… growing brighter…

Soon we realized that what we thought were a ribbon of dark clouds were actually mountains, just barely obscuring this glowing behemoth that lurked just behind:

Peeking monster.

That would be the giant moon that has just risen behind the Cascades with the Seattle skyline and Pacific ocean below. This was taken without a tripod on the bow of a very shaky ferryboat. It’s the clearest I could get!

Smoke on the water, fire in the sky

meteor’s a-comin’

That thur’s a turrible strong moon. Big omens ‘neath that ‘un.

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Coming this week: A wee fairy tale

From a short film I’m working on this week. Wish Maya a happy birthday while she’s frolicking in a California spring!

Red balloon in hedge maze

Why, what could be in there?

Little Red Riding Hood

Give chase while ye can!

There is a red blur on the horizon

There, a whimsical red blur on the horizon.

Red Shoes, White Dress

City bus. Destination: Wonderland?

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Photo Series: Sorcery Party

For the most part I do most of my sorcery alone. It’s a pleasant way to pass evening hours, particularly when television and computers are not a common part of your home life. Occasionally the neighbors bang on my door with pitchforks and demand that I be burned, but overall it’s a healthy enterprise. Earlier Maya had a chance to come over and do some witchcraft with me. We had some cool new stuff with which to summon spirits (Maya even managed to reveal the vapor trail of an Elder Ghoste) and we got some real neat-o photos of the whole thing to boot.

Future Screen

Here, Maya stirs up an orb god using a dimensional lens I acquired on the internet.

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