David O’Reilly, I’m Calling You Out!

I’d like to take some time to discuss a short film of note that I saw recently. It’s called “The External World” and if you haven’t seen it I recommend watching it before reading the spoiler-ridden maniacry I have put down here.

The External World is listed with the following plot summary: “a boy learns to play the piano.”

In fact, only a brief few occasional scenes compromise that plot. But the summary is correct. This movie is absolutely about a boy learning to play the piano. And it’s also about all of his little screaming ghosts that are trying to come out. As it turns out, the boy is real, and is name is David O’Reilly, the filmmaker extraordinaire that crafted this little masterpiece.

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Mourning Dusk (Behind the Scenes on “5000 Days”)

The other day I posted a video only a few days after my previous upload. Wha happun? Wha gives? Why and how you do that? Here’s the tale.

Thom, Maya, Vancouver

Thom and Maya hatching plans.

Maya and I are essentially departing upon regular film-photo-fashion-passion missions. I commit myself to capturing just the time and place when we head out. I will make an effort not to use footage from my dozens of other treasure bins. Only then can I possibly hope to have an edit finished (unless I just know of the perfect shot hiding in the recesses of some distant day’s folder). The constraints make it possible, and they also make for a great challenge and an honest final video.

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New short film: 5000 Days of Mourning (Day 4997)

Here she is, perhaps my favorite film I’ve done so far! These Maya excursions are proving to be fantastic learning experiences. I’ll have to write up more about that at a later date!

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On the Best Movie I Saw From 2010

I had been looking forward to Blue Valentine for some time when I finally saw it on its opening night in Vancouver this January. I beat away my friends with sticks so that I could see it alone, and I wondered when I got in line what the crowd was going to be like on opening night.

There were many dates. There were more than a few groups of girls out together. Many very young, late teens or early 20s. I wondered if they knew what was in store for them. I wondered what effect it might have. There were no lone guys, save the few that were waiting for their dates to arrive. A couple of scattered lone ladies that I spotted, generally a bit older then the younger groups.

The film’s opening scene sets the tone for the experience – without spoiling too much, I will simply say that the film starts in the country, on a small plot of Pennsylvanian land, amongst the roar of evening crickets, and what transpires there is merely to set you up for what you’re in store for: This isn’t The Notebook 2. In fact, we’re leaving Hollywood pretty far behind for this one. It tells you right off the bat, “this might get rough, so we’re turning on the fasten-seatbelt sign right out of the gate.” It’s a bit like Moulin Rouge but without the excessive obnoxiousness (the “get the worst over with early” routine – Believe me when I say Blue Valentine does NOT get the worst over with first.).

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New short film: Maya in the Park

Latest movie is done! “Maya in the Park” is the story of the ghost girl I found wandering the scream-infested fairytale wonderland of Stanley Park.

If you dig Maya’s style, you’ll definitely be wanting to hit up her blog and etsy.

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New short film: Warm Places

Off into the world you go, little movie.

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Darcy Padilla Photography

Darcy Padilla’s “The Julie Project”

Just want to share this amazing story beautifully told through photos and fragments. It’s heart-wrenching, that’s as honest a damned caution as I can possibly give to prepare anyone for this.

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The Neon Bonfire

My new short film “The Neon Bonfire” is now out and published. This was a bit more than a week in the making, and there will be many more to come in the future.

If you enjoy it, spread the love around!

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Snow Night

Made in mid-January 2011, being a document of the mood in my immediate travelling vicinity as I walked about Vancouver during a single-night snowstorm.

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