Photo Series: Sorcery Party

For the most part I do most of my sorcery alone. It’s a pleasant way to pass evening hours, particularly when television and computers are not a common part of your home life. Occasionally the neighbors bang on my door with pitchforks and demand that I be burned, but overall it’s a healthy enterprise. Earlier Maya had a chance to come over and do some witchcraft with me. We had some cool new stuff with which to summon spirits (Maya even managed to reveal the vapor trail of an Elder Ghoste) and we got some real neat-o photos of the whole thing to boot.

Future Screen

Here, Maya stirs up an orb god using a dimensional lens I acquired on the internet.

City Jellyfish/Umbrella Spirit

A real umbrella spirit, photographed for all to see. Or is it just another one of them GULL-durned city jellyfish? Damn things, spreading their beguiling aura that seems to pull menacing ghosts out of people, they're really starting to piss me off!


Our Lady of Wandering

Occasionally this type of magickal conjuring leaves portals and doors open for wandering spirits like this one.


Maya Beam

A possible store candidate?

Chaos Reigns: the lively hand magic trick!

This is where I showed Maya my world-famous "chaos reigns" hand trick. It gets pretty scary about 3 hours in, but I have won some magic trick contests with it!

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