The Library Chronicles – Back in Action

Some years ago, Marshall Langohr and I began work on a simple little short film which, unbeknownst to us at that blissfully innocent time, would blossom into a terrible and unwieldy beast.

Easter Weekend held for the tiny crew much suffering and agony, rich with injury and the threat of doom looming (as it is wont to do).

The good news is that it is looking wond’rous, beautiful even in its blinding blightness. We have miles to go before we sleep – at least three more intensive shoot days await before the movie is in the can after all these years. At which point Postproduction Hell can officiously begin.

Until then, I am in the kitchen, cooking up some sweet goodies which will hopefully be ready soon. Amongst these goodies is a new Library Chronicles website which will be a proper hub for all things Chronicles. Also on the dessert tray will be a short video teaser showcasing a snippet of what’s to come.

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