Three Trailers

I had some time on my hands and felt like doing some editing. I decided to cut a few fan trailers, as I’ve had a great time so far in my career cutting trailers and promos and wanted to do something just for fun.

Cold Mountain
Cold Mountain was an easy choice – Gorgeous cinematography by John Seale and an amazing soundtrack exec-produced by T-Bone Burnett. Sometimes theatrical trailers are made alongside the movie’s edit and before the soundtrack is cut, so perhaps that was the case here, as the official trailer criminally lacks the movie’s amazing music. Featuring one of the oldest forms of American music, sacred harp singing, and the Oscar-nominated Sting and Alison Kraus song “You Will Be My Ain True Love”.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
This one’s a bit controversial, and I fear it gives away the heart of the movie. So maybe this trailer is better for existing fans of the movie. I made this because I thought the official trailer, featuring ELO’s Mr. Blue Sky, was way off-tone and made the movie feel like a light-hearted romp. Yes, this movie is fun, it’s clever, it’s absurd, but it’s also heartbreaking, so I set out to capture the mood of the film using its own music.

Dark City
I actually quite¬†like Dark City’s official trailer, though it’s got some dated elements by today’s standards and is one of those trailers that steadfastly refuses to allow any of its characters to talk. I went to the opposite extreme here and probably feature too much talking. But more importantly, my trailer is a lie! I focused on my favorite aspects of the movie – the mystery happening within the city, and left out what I see as a cartoonish comedy unfolding underground. It’s a trailer for the movie I wish Dark City were.

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